French Inspire

Pippin Took²

French Inspired Casual Dining

How our TRANSITION will look.

It has been delightful doing what we have been doing at Pippin Took² - and that is

thanks to you, our customers. We really appreciate your concern for us.

But, rolling with our philosophy of always looking on the bright side of life, 

we’ve come up with a plan…..

Currently, Ross is organising a menu, with a lot of consideration, which is more

 `travel’ friendly, for those who are unable to come to the venue. 

The menu will be limited, at this stage.

Ross will continue to produce a hand made artisan product, made from the freshest ingredients, to enjoy in your home.

Once our serving containers arrive, we will reopen, 

hopefully by Friday, April 3rd.

There will be an option on some dishes, as to whether you would like Hot or Cold [for re- heating].

It is imperative that we retain the integrity of our product. All of our dishes are handmade to order, to ensure the high standard we aspire to.

ORDER by 5PM THE DAY PRIOR, for afternoon pick-up on the next day.

Pick up at Pippin Took² - Thursday to Saturday between 4-6pm.

Please look out for our `Come n get it’ Menu’ and updates

Please Call | 0402 900 110


Email | [email protected] Website:

Pippin Took2 is located on beautiful Tamborine Mountain.

It is the second version of the highly successful Pippin Took, located in 

Brisbane for 12 years.

Pippin Took² is stylish by design, comfortable and welcoming by nature,

 offering a special experience  in an incredible environment. 

French-inspired dining for any occasion, 

The kitchen is helmed by Multi Award Winning Chef, Ross Howell

Pippin Took2 offers all styles of dining - an intimate dinner for two, dinner

 parties for small or large groups, weddings, business groups, meetings…. 

any celebration…....... 

     Great food served with great attitude in a charming location………. 

what’s not to love.

It’s time to party @ Pippin Took²

We’re back